2 years ago
19th Wednesday 2012
Childhood Story #1

Every monday was my dad’s day off. Usually on these mondays we’d go eat pho. But instead of calling it pho, my siblings and I called it “cow.” We would be like “let’s go eat cow!” We called it cow because the logo/mascot of the pho place was a cow o-o Now that I think of it, I don’t even know the actual name of that place o.o;

Anyways, you know how pho comes with that plate of greens, bean sprouts, and limes? My siblings and I would make limeade from those limes. There was already sugar at the table (for coffee I think) and we had our free water. haha. We are geniuses ;)

Another story related to this pho place. Every time we went, we would get the free balloons that they give to kids. Just a simple solid colored balloon tied with regular white string. They would tie it around our wrist so it wouldn’t fly away. One time we even tied the balloons to spoons and acted as if they were kites…xD haha

ahh…i miss the good ole` days 

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  1. jiggggledatbubbby said: If its a cow & you live in SD. It’s pho hoa lol
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